Welcome to INTERCOP S.L.

An enthusiastic group of professionals with extensive experience in the marine sector, in full effort to give a personal service to ships, founded in 1992 INTERCOP S.L. - Inter-transport Operators - since then has been supported by both the Spanish and International ship owners who believed in this project and has continued to expand with the same enthusiasm ever since the first day.

Although in the beginning it was intended to assist all type of ships that call at our port "La Luz and Las Palmas", INTERCOP S.L. has implemented other activities to improve our services by the synergies that these generated, creating departments related to activities such as:

• Shipping Department.
    We are attending all kind of vessels supplying - at anchor or at berth with all kind of operations, crew changes , etc..
• Stevedoring Department.
    Loading - Stowage, Unloading ?C un-stowage & Transshipments of all kind of cargoes.
• Bunker Department.
    To supply all kind of Marine Fuels and Marine Lubricants.
• Supply Department.
    We are supply all kind of Fishing materials, Wires, Ropes, Spare parts & Supplies.
• International Department.
    Custom & Transit Services.
    Import, Export & Transit Merchandises.
    Logistic services.
    Transports : Air service, Sea Freight ( FCL & LCL ) & Land Transport.
    Ground Transport Service ?C Trucks , Vans, Cranes & Own Machineries.

Today INTERCOP S.L. is a modern well - structured company to serve clients with high quality services.

TEL. 24 HORAS: +34 607-552-322


Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas Asociacion de Consignatarios y Estibadores de uques

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