Welcome to Intercop

Intercop is a leading Shipping Agent, Stevedore Operator and International Forwarders in the Canary Islands, surrounding waters and West Africa. Its dedicated owners have been providing quality services in the maritime industry for 37 years. This experience has lead Intercop to being a very important and influential figure in the shipping industry. The company attends all types of vessels and this number increases each year. This is a result of the very personal service that is evident in all our staff.

Our Certificates:

  •   • Certification for Hazardous Goods
  •   • Professionl Certification for Transport and Forwarding
  •   • ISPS International Shipping Protection Services
  •   • Official Ships Agents
  •   • Staff Training Certificates

Our Cualifications

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TEL. 24 HORAS: +34 607-552-322


Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas Asociacion de Consignatarios y Estibadores de uques

Local Times

22:18:37 - Islas Canarias  
23:18:37 - Rotterdam  
02:18:37 - Dubai  
06:18:37 - Hong Kong  
07:18:37 - Pusan  
14:18:37 - Seattle  
17:18:37 - New York  
19:18:37 - Buenos Aires  
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