INTERCOP S.L. has a department dedicated to supplying different products and materials to vessels such as Marine Lubricants, Spare Parts, Supplies, Maintenance Material and Fishing requirements.

1. Fuels:

We supply a full range of marine fuels:

•  380cst - 180cst - 30cst , both : high and low Sulfurs.
• Gasoils: Marime and Automotive G.O. & M.D.O.

2. Lubricants:

We offer as "TRADER" a wide range of different brands of Marine Lubricants.

3. Parts:

We have a worldwide network of suppliers for all kinds of spare parts and a full range of international brands.

4. Provisions:

We supply all those provisions that ship owners /captains could require, we either supply them in the port of La Luz & Las Palmas or in other ports through our network agents or by containerized shipments to any port.

5. Miscellaneous:

We offer a wide range of products such as Ropes, Fishing Nets, Fishing Carton boxes, Plastic Bags, Sheets , Chemical, Paints, etc. .as well as Nautical Charts & Publications.

TEL. 24 HORAS: +34 607-552-322


Autoridad Portuaria de Las Palmas Asociacion de Consignatarios y Estibadores de uques

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